Nieuw Logo!

Blij presenteren we jullie ons nieuwe logo! Waarin we ons ambacht, onze historie en onze geliefde paling nog sterker naar voren willen brengen. Een familiebedrijf in de 6e generatie, met de eerste én laatste traditionele visrokerij van Volendam, met vis van een bijna uitgestorven kwaliteit….Een gevoel dat we nu sterker voelen dan ooit. En wat […]

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A new tomorrow

Dear beloved guests from all around the world, There we are. Closed for our guests, ever closer to our nature. We stand, stare and contemplate our future. Strangely at ease. Although the streets and screens give us an uncanny outlook on the coming months, here, looking out on our empty terrace, it feels like stepping […]

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As old as new

Somewhere during the warm summer of 2019 the final call was made: another high season working from our outdated kitchen and bar would blow out the last bit of energy from our team. Too small, too inefficient, too much choked airflow; for the last years it was -especially for the chefs- sometimes a battle in […]

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Tales from the Eel lab

Six years ago two Volendam entrepreneurs decided to write eel history by opening an advanced eel research lab in Volendam: Glasaal Volendam. Their aim was to present to the world the unraveling of the most mysterious of all fish mysteries: the reproduction of European glass eel. As many know, the European eel, ‘Anguila Anguila’ (would […]

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Eels are back on track

3-3-19  This week a Dutch lottery and influential charity sponsor, De Postcodeloterij, awarded the (Dutch) Good Fish Foundation a staggering amount of € 2 mln to stimulate the recovery of the eel population in the Netherlands. A moment of celebration for all eel lovers! And an important signal that the Netherlands is currently very positively […]

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21-2-19  A new website, Christ. Time to write a blog. Imagine walking in a restaurant. The same quadrant. Ten years. Every day. And still be smiling. Imagine being a heir to a 160-year old family legacy. Imagine gaining respect in your micro universe for the sole fact of carrying on the torch. Imagine mastering the […]

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