Old as new

Somewhere during the warm summer of 2019 the final call was made: another high season working from our outdated kitchen and bar would blow out the last bit of energy from our team. Too small, too inefficient, too much choked airflow; for the last years it was -especially for the chefs- sometimes a battle in […]

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Tales from the Eel lab

Six years ago two Volendam entrepreneurs decided to write eel history by opening an advanced eel research lab in Volendam: Glasaal Volendam. Their aim was to present to the world the unraveling of the most mysterious of all fish mysteries: the reproduction of European glass eel. As many know, the European eel, ‘Anguila Anguila’ (would […]

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Eels are back on track

3-3-19  This week a Dutch lottery and influential charity sponsor, De Postcodeloterij, awarded the (Dutch) Good Fish Foundation a staggering amount of € 2 mln to stimulate the recovery of the eel population in the Netherlands. A moment of celebration for all eel lovers! And an important signal that the Netherlands is currently very positively […]

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21-2-19  A new website, Christ. Time to write a blog. Imagine walking in a restaurant. The same quadrant. Ten years. Every day. And still be smiling. Imagine being a heir to a 160-year old family legacy. Imagine gaining respect in your micro universe for the sole fact of carrying on the torch. Imagine mastering the […]

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