We would like to introduce you to our team!

Smit-Bokkum works with an enthusiastic team of more than twenty-five fish lovers in the kitchen, service, smokehouse, kitchen and store.

Our dish wash section is often a springboard to the kitchen or front of house, the youngest faces have more Smit-Bokkum callus on the hands than you think 😉 And of course there is still a lot of Smit-Bokkum blood flowing through the team!

Enthusiastic to come and work with us? We are always looking for real fish and hospitality lovers with heart and character.

And therefore perhaps also looking for your CV, via info@smitbokkum.nl.

Below are four core faces from our team:

Tales from the Eel lab

Six years ago two Volendam entrepreneurs decided to write eel history by opening an advanced eel research lab in Volendam: Glasaal Volendam. Their aim was to present to the world the unraveling of the most mysterious of ...

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Kom gank and book!

Kom gank‘, we say in Volendam.
Come quickly, and then with a warm and inviting undertone.
We would like to reserve a nice table for you,
depending on the weather inside or outside on our sunny terrace.
If you have any specifications, diet or allergies, we are happy to help you!

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