The historic heart of Smit-Bokkum is formed by the smokehouse.

The historic heart of Smit-Bokkum is formed by the smokehouse where for more than 160 years the best local fish has been smoked, of which eel is undoubtedly the best known. No less than 6 generations of the Smit-Bokkum family (Jan, Evert, Jan, Evert, Jan, Evert) have already woven and passed on the secret smoke process. 

Today, the fish are still smoked daily by the 5th and 6th generation Jan Smit and his son Evert. During the high season, the whole family is summoned for cutting, gouging, skinning, digging and filleting the eel.

Smit-Bokkum offers private tours in the smokehouse, in which people are introduced to the world of eel and traditional eel smoking. This can ideally be combined with a lunch or dinner package in our restaurant!

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