Multifunctional and inspiring meeting space

For business people, Smit-Bokkum offers a multifunctional and inspiring meeting space with the necessary facilities such as beamer, internet, partition walls, flipchart and DVD. It makes the space ideal for meetings, seminars and / or workshops for groups of 5 – 50 people.

A good meeting is inspiring but also intensive. A healthy fish lunch in our restaurant during a relaxing break (taking in the magnificent water view) is a welcome distraction! Our fish keeps the mind sharp and delivers new fresh energy 😉

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The meeting and / or presentation room can be rented per third day (morning, afternoon and evening).
If you would like to use this space for more than three consecutive days, call or email for custom rates.

1/3 half-day – 2/3 half-day – 3/3 half-day
up to 10 people. € 75.00 – € 125.00 – € 150.00
v / a 10 pers. € 100.00 – € 150.00 – € 175.00

The day rent shifts are as follows:
1 – Morning: 08.30 to 12.30
2 – Afternoon: 13.30 to 17.30
3 – Evening: 19.00 to 23.00

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