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Smit-Bokkum was founded in 1856 by the brothers Jan and Evert Smit. Together they started a ‘Bokkum’ smokery (Bokkum is smoked herring), this was officially the first smokehouse in Volendam. After the Smit-Bokkum smokery at the Harbour was destroyed in 1916 by flooding, the smokehouse settled below the Volendam dyke, first in the Bakkerssteeg and later in the Jozefstraat. In the meantime – with the emergence of the IJsselmeer and with it the massive introduction of eel – Smit-Bokkum had developed into a renowned eel smokehouse.

In 1961 the 4th generation Smit-Bokkum -Evert and brother Jaap- moved the smokehouse to its current, larger location. However, sales continued until 2003 from the characteristic upper door of the Smit-Bokkum family home in the Jozefstraat.

In 2003, the smoker’s pulp was thoroughly renovated and the 5th generation -Jan with wife Tiny- added a restaurant and shop to the smokehouse. The historical style and the craft are hereby retained; the smoking process is even exactly the same as in 1856. The 6th Generation -Evert- is now also fully active in the company, which now as an ESF® certified company wants to be an signboard for the preservation of the traditional IJsselmeer culture.

In the restaurant, the classic local dishes are still being prepared, which were previously cooked by Tiny for regular shoppers in the Jozefstraat living room.

A traditional fish smokehouse, a restaurant, the Palingsound museum, a conference room, sculpture garden; Smit-Bokkum of the 21st century is diverse and yet steeped in everything and connected with the same Volendammer quality energy. Smit-Bokkum is therefore a place where nostalgia, atmosphere and gastronomy come together, tastefully located on the IJsselmeer.


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